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About Us


Our mission is to support the various Police Departments and Agencies participating in the Crime Free Programs. The goal is to create safer neighborhoods while lowering the demands placed on law enforment. Our software programs enable you to be more efficient while at the same time becoming more effective. Bold claims...but just ask any of our loyal customers using our software right now. Contact numbers available upon request.


Dynamic Design was founded in 1984. Our first programs were designed to help support and manage large Apartment complexes. Many of these programs are still running today. With our close affiliation with Apartments we immediatley saw the need for our services to enhance the Crime Free Programs and deliver on its promise of safer communities and less paper work for those running the program.


With constant innovation and ideas directly from active Crime Free Coordinators, our "EasyTracking" Crime Free Software has continued to grow each year, adding important new features and cutting edge capabilities. Our promise to you is to never stop improving our software -- and we thank you all for helping make this software great!

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