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Getting Started


As you can see from the diagram to the left, all of the Crime Free "EasyTracking" Software (Optional Modules) are centered around our Core Administrator Package.


This Core Administrator Package enables you to Add/Edit/Delete Property Information for all your Properties in your City.  It has all of the core functionality you will need to begin and fully manage your city's Crime Free Program.


This package is currently running daily in hundreds of Police Departments around the USA and Canada. Even though we design our programs for ease of use, we do provide a significant amount of hands-on, personal, initial training to make it easy to learn the software. We also provide direct installation assistance to make it easy on IT people to install. After installation and training, we provide full software support as well technical support whenever you need it.

In addition to our Core Administrator Package we also have a number of additional Modules that can integrate with the core program. Each one of these was created for specific functionality and can be added any time for a modest cost.  Many of these funtions are automated server and mobile applications using the latest in cutting edge software development to provide simple and effective solutions.


On the Home page you will see these additional Modules listed with a "More Info" button below each item should you want to learn more about the functionality and if that applies to your needs. Keep in mind, these modules can be integrated at any time and work seamlessly with any others you decide to add.


If you have already shopped for software solutions then you know our prices are quite modest. Our goal from the start was to become an integral part of the Crime Free Program, realizing the market was vast but budgets all too often are not, we designed our software to be afforable. We want to become your partner and grow with you. In short we want to become that indispensable tool your people can't do without. We're happy to say we hear comments such as "I use this software every day... I couldn't run my Crime Free Program without it!" from our loyal users both here at home and in Canada.


We invite you to ask any us questions (via phone or email).  We have been working closely with Crime Free Coordinators for over 25 years and we're happy to help you get going on this software.  We know from experience that it will help you greatly, because Crime Free Coordinators helped design it with their real-world suggestions and ideas. It's your turn now:  Let's get started!


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