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Web / Mobile Apps (Internal)


(Share Info with Officers, Dispatch, Police Cars)


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Share your Data  (with your permission and username / passwords you assign):

How it works:

By using our Web / Mobile Apps Module, you can share all your EasyTracking Database Data with multiple Internal points, listed to the right. Also, by using our Secure Data Encryption Module, it will be encrypted at bank-level SSL.

All EasyTracking Database Data on your Server

Any Desktop or Laptop Computer in your Network (You, other Officers, Captains, Management, any approved person, etc)

Any mobile device connected to your Internal Network (smartphone, etc).

All Tablets, Ipads, Android devices in your Internal Network

Officers in their cars can look up info on Manager Phone #s, Gate Codes, Notes, etc. in the field since their cars are usually on the Internal Network.

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