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Our Core Administrator Package


This Core Administrator Package enables you to Add/Edit/Delete Property Information for all your Properties in your City.  It has all of the core functionality you will need to begin and fully manage your city's Crime Free Program.


The Core Administrator Package consists of four major areas of functionality:  Property People/Contacts;  Property Inspections;  Law Enforement Activity; Invoice/Payments Accounting.  Click on the "More Info" buttons to explore the features of this very useful set of tools.

Property Info/Contacts

Track all your Managers, Owners, Leasing Agents, etc for all your Properties (names, phones, emails, photos, Training Dates and more)

Property Inspections

Track all your Inspections (note all deficient items, store photos, reminder dates for Inspection Checkbacks, Annual Renewals and more).

Law Enforcement Activity

Track all Police Incidents, Property Violations, Arrests, Trespass Authorizations and Trespassers for all your Properties.

Invoices / Payments  Accounting

Print/Email Billing Invoices and Track when Properties were Billed, when they Paid, what their Balances are. Also Print Late Fee Invoices when needed.

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